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Geometry Dash APK is a new Android game. Developed by RobTop Game, Geometry Dash has become a hit instantly. This action platformer requires you to jump and find your way through different stages. Due to its intuitive controls and user-created levels, it has gathered a lot of positive reviews.

Why download Geometry Dash

Before you install this amazing game on your device, here are some of the most inspiring things about this game. Hopefully, they will help you make the right decision.

User-generated levels make it more fun

Geometry Dash APK has only 21 levels, as released by the developers in the original game. However, users can easily create levels as they wish. They can then add these levels to the game community so that other users can also play them. Add these customized levels to the original 21 levels and you will have millions of interesting levels to clear. That’s what makes this game one of the most addictive platformer on Android.

It doesn’t bore you!

Despite having so many levels, each level of this game is unique. It features unique background music and graphics. Users can easily change difficulty of a level to make it more challenging. To enjoy this game, you need to download Geometry Dash APK.

It’s small in size

Geometry Dash APK is only 40 MB in size. That means it will take a few seconds to download. The installation takes under a minute.

You can keep the APK file in case you have to re-install the game. Due to smaller size of the file, you won’t run into disk space issues.


You will find a link to download this action game on this page. This link is safe and it’s 100% free from viruses. We have tested it on several devices and it works fine.

How to DOWNLOAD and INSTALL Geometry Dash on Android – Installation Guide

To install Geometry Dash APK that you downloaded above, simply follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Download the file

Download Geometry Dash APK from this link.

Step 2: Enable ‘unknown sources’ on your phone

This step should be fairly simple, especially if you have already installed apps from outside Google Play.

Simply go to security settings on phone from Settings. From there, you can enable installation from ‘unknown sources’. When you do this, a prompt will warn you about mobile security. Ignore it and click OK to proceed.

Step 3: Install the game

Now we can install the game without any errors. Simply open the Geometry Dash APK that you just downloaded. Now click ‘install’ from the options. The process will start.

The entire process will take under a minute. Once done, you will see a prompt saying ‘installation successful’.

Step 4: Run the game

Now go to your apps on your phone and find Geometry Dash. You can now play the game and create your own levels to amuse your friends.

Step 5: Invite your friends

It’s a lot of fun when you invite your friends to the game and challenge them to clear the levels you created.

Common problems with Geometry Dash APK installation

1: Install Failed

This is a common problem that many users face when trying to install this game. The exact error message is below.

“Install failed invalid APK”


This problem only occurs when you are installing the game on a PC using an emulator.

If you don’t know already, it’s possible to play Geometry Dash APK on PC. You will need to install it using an emulator such as Bluestacks.

When you see this error, follow the steps below to solve it.

  • Remove the Android emulator from your PC and reinstall it. Everything should work fine now.
  • It the above solution fails, simply try another emulator. You can use Manymo as an alternative to Bluestacks.

2- Game runs slow

For some users, this game might run slow with dropped frame rate.


This is a common problem with Geometry Dash APK and some other new games. The issue here is your RAM. If you device has less than 512 MB of free RAM available, the game will lag.

You can solve this problem either by buying a new phone with more RAM or by optimizing your phone performance by using any RAM boosting app.

3- Root Access

Some people believe that they can only play this game when they have a rooted phone.


In fact, you don’t need to root your Android phone to play this game. It works on all phones, whether rooted or not.

If you are planning to try a modded version of this game, you may have to root the phone to run the game.

4- User-generated levels

Many users want to create their own levels but they don’t know where to do it.


Start Geometry Dash APK and open a level of your choice. Click ‘edit’ option from the right corner of your screen. Now make changes to the level as you desire. After you are done editing, invite your friends to play the customized level.


Geometry Dash APK is a popular game, backed by a large community of active players. Create your own levels and have endless fun with your friends.

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