Geometry Dash Demon List: The Never-Ending Quest for Perfection


Geometry Dash is a lyric and rhythmic game developed by RobTop Games. It is famous for its challenging levels and phases, making it a milestone. There is a list of different levels or phases, ranging from easy to harder, and these levels are called “Demons.” These levels are not just from easy to complex. They are also based on a competitive ranking that evolves as time passes by the players of the game. 

Before moving to the article’s main topic, which is the Geometry Dash Demon list, let’s give you a brief insight into the game. It involves navigating a cube with a list of obstacles that sync with music. It works from more manageable to more complex and moves towards the next level. 

What is the Geometry Dash Demon List?

Geometry Dash Demon List is the level ranking in the most popular game. Players get essential information from different social media sites, and then the community grows with time, and they make a structured ranking system called Demons List. This game provides a platform in the shape of a Demons list for the players to test their skills against the problematic level of the game. 

Geometry Dash Demon List

Demons List provides a guide to the players. Demons are categorized into six levels: Easy Demon, Medium Demon, Hard Demon, Insane Demon, Extreme Demon, and Legacy Demon.

TierNumber of Demons
    Easy Demon                           10
    Medium Demon                          20
    Hard Demon                          35
    Insane Demon                           20
    Extreme Demon                          10
    Legacy Demon                            5

How to Use the Geometry Dash Demon List?

The Geometry Dash Demon List of the game is managed by willing and dedicated players who evaluate the ranking of different game levels and their difficulty levels and make the Demon List. Here are some steps:

Submission and Verification

    Different game players can submit levels they consider to be of a particular difficulty and believe must be on the Demon List. After completing the first submission step, the level undergoes the verification process. In the verification process, a pro player plays the level without aid and completes it without cheats or hacks.


  The next step is assessment; once the verification process is completed, the level moves to the assessment step. In this step, a list of demons assesses the level, checking its complexity and challenges. They also consider the precision required for the game.


   The ranking is the next step in creating the Demons List. Based on the data received from the assessment, each level is assigned a position. The ranking is not fixed; it’s dynamic and can be changed at any moment, adding any other level and the player’s proficiency.

Community Feedback

 The Demon Iist is not static, and Community feedback plays a vital role in the Geometry Dash Demon List. It re-evaluates the Demons, provides suggestions about the levels, and helps keep the Demon List up-to-date. 

Categorization of Demons

 The Geometry Dash Demon List is categorised into several levels based on difficulty.

1. Easy Demon

  These are the basic levels for new players of the game. They are challenging but easy to manage. With basic knowledge and understanding of the game’s mechanism, new players can handle the complexity of the basic level, which helps them move to the next level.

2. Medium Demon

These levels of the game are much more complex than Easy Demon. Players need more skills and knowledge of advanced techniques and timing. Through this knowledge, players can easily play at these medium levels of the Demons. 

3. Hard Demon

These levels are more challenging for players to play. Players need high-level skills, different gaming techniques, and the ability to manage tight timing. They must also be proficient in the game and familiar with all ways of playing it.

4. Insane Demon

These levels are more challenging than all the above levels. They are not a cup of tea for the players. Only pro players can play these levels with extensive experience. They hope to complete these levels with perfect execution within the timeframe, and it might take them longer to complete the level.

5. Extreme Demon

 Extreme demons are the most challenging levels of the Geometry Dash game. Players who complete these levels are considered significant achievements and are seen as badges of honour within the community. 

6. Legacy Demon

These are the former Extreme Demons of the game “Geometry Dash.” They have been moved from the main list to accommodate new entries. They remain a testament to the evolving difficulty standards in the game for the players.

Levels of the Geometry Dash Demon List

There are famous and iconic levels within the Geometry Dash Community. Here are some examples of the levels of the game:


 Riot created this level, a fine example of Extreme Demons. Players complete this intensive complex level with high precision and technique. It is a milestone for the players to complete this level. 


 It is the most complex level of the game and has a significant position. Dolphy designs it. Its rugged design and brutal challenge make it problematic for the game community. 

The Golden

 This level, created by BoBoBoBoBo, is a favourite among top players due to its unique aesthetics and extreme difficulty. It is not for new players; only pro players can play it with high intelligence and mastery of techniques.


Slaughterhouse, designed by Icedcave, is a masterpiece at the Geometry Dash level. It is difficult and not easy to play without gaming techniques. Its precise and unforgiving nature has made it a staple on the Demon List.

How to View The Geometry Dash Demon List?

Here are some steps to view the Geometry Dash demon list on your device:

  • Step 1: First, install the game and open Geometry Dash on your device. Once the game has opened, move toward the “level” section.
  • Step 2: Open the levels section and look for the word Demon in the list. Once you find the phrase Demon in the list, click on it to open the demons.
  • Step 3: Once you can access the Geometry Dash Demon List, check all the demons and choose any demon you want to play. You can check your progress here and set the goal of which demon you wish to complete. 

Impact of Demon List on the Community

The Demon List has a significant impact on the Geometry Dash community. It provides a platform for players and the community to test their skills and abilities in playing this game. It creates a competitive environment for the players and allows them to complete the different difficulty levels. It also helps to improve group work as players work together while assessing and verifying the game’s various levels to make a Demon List. Demons are at high-ranking levels and are seen as a significant achievement. 

Challenges and Controversies

Demons are levels that become difficult step by step. Demons also have some challenges and controversies. Here are issues related to demons:

Verification Legitimacy

The verification should be legitimate and free from hacks. It is a big challenge for the player to verify the levels or demons without any shortcut. The verification team uses various ways to verify the completion of the levels and authenticity, but controversies arise for the team and players.

Subjectivity in Ranking

There are different subjective difficulty levels for players. One player’s subjective difficulty level might be challenging, while another’s might be more accessible. This may cause debates and disagreements over the different ranking levels. 

Evolving Standards

Another challenge for the team is that new techniques are discovered as players improve, and the complexity level of demons changes with time. The Demons List should be updated continuously, which is a difficult task. 

Pressure on Creators

There is a lot of pressure on the creators to produce different levels with high difficulty levels. This may need fixing for the creators and also for the creation process. It hurts both the creator and the creation process.

The Future of the Demon List

Demon List of the Geometry Dash game is updated continuously. Here are some developments and trends for the future of Geometry Dash Demon List:

Technological Advances

The game’s players develop new tools and trends, which increases the difficulty level of the Demon and continues to increase. This thing redefines the standards and complexity level of the Demons. 

Community Involvement

The community plays a prominent role in Demon’s List. It improves collaborative work with team members while decoding the demon provides feedback, and ensures that the Demon List accurately reflects community problems.

Recognition and Rewards

There should be high rewards for the players who achieve challenging and high-ranking levels of the Demon List. This could include in-game rewards and even sponsorship of the game. Players should be entertained with different rewards after getting the top positions in the game.

Global Competitions

There should be competitions and tournaments at the international level so that people can take part in the game all around the world. Players should compete with other players and need help to complete the game’s most challenging level. This will give new heights to the game and complexity to Geometry Dash Demon List.


The Demon List is a group of levels in the game Geometry Dash. It is a collection of straightforward and challenging levels that the player can achieve with different tricks and techniques.

A group of experienced players creates the Demon List. They select the level and discuss its placement according to its complexity. The team made the list of demons in the game Geometry Dash.

The Demon List is updated at regular intervals. It is done by a team of players who update the demons according to their achievements by the other players.

The most challenging level is at the top of the list, and it takes work to complete those higher levels. The players recognise the level, and team players play that level, check its complexity, and decide whether it will be selected for demons.

Yes, a team of experienced players can remove levels from the list. The levels are removed from the list if they do not meet the difficulty criteria. 

Players submit video proof that they have completed the levels from beginning to end. The video proves the player completed the level without any external aid or cuts. The community checked that video.

Yes, many players use different methods to help them complete the level. Most players use the practice mode present within Geometry Dash. Many practice videos are available for the players to boost their skills, and the community also creates guides.

The current Demon List can be found on websites like Pointercrate and various community forums and social media groups focused on Geometry Dash. Players achieve different, complex levels, and the community provides feedback. 


The Geometry Dash Game is a creative and skilled base game that encourages players to achieve the most complex levels. The game’s community also plays a vital role in the Demon List, transforming how players approach or reach the game’s complex levels. Levels range from manageable to complicated; new players can only play the primary level. It takes some time and experience to achieve the medium and hard Demons.

 Demon List offers a thrilling journey and the most challenging game for a newcomer. Players move from primary to more complex, which makes them master challenging faces and achieve those challenges. As in the easy demon, players can quickly reach the level and then move to medium and hard Demons.

 Concluding the blog about the Demon List of the pro game makes the player more cooperative and forces them to work harder to achieve the demons. It enhances their mental capability and capacity to think about problems quickly and find solutions.